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JL Asia Trade Pte Ltd is an authorised 3M Firestop Product Distributor in Singapore. 
We sell firestop products ranging from sealants to mortars. 

The following items below are some of the most popular materials sold by us. 

For more information, you can also refer to 3M Firestop Product catalogue.

If you are unsure of which product to use for your current project, you can also engage our specialized project officers to assist you. We will not only help in providing the materials you need but also installations and other services.

Interested in any of the products or are looking for a particular 3M Firestopping product? 

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3MTM Fire Barrier CP 25WB+ Sealant

  • Provides up to 4-hour F-rating
  • Expanded UL Classified fire protection systems
  • Superior adhesion – bonds to concrete, metals, wood, plastic and cable jacketing
  • Meets ASTM E 814 Fire Test, tested under positive pressure
  • Intumescent – expands when heated to seal around items consumed by fire
  • Low VOC

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3MTM Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant

  • 1000NS - Non-slumping silicone with up to 3-hour fire protection

  • 1003SL - Self-leveling silicone with up to 3hour fire protection


3MTM FireDamTM Spray 200 

  • High coverage rate reduces installation time
  • Fast-dry, low-sag formula
  • Gray color blends well with both concrete and gypsum
  • Applies with conventional airless spray equipment
  • Paintable when cured
  • Elastomeric – forms a flexible seal with compression/ extension of up to ± 25% of nominal joint width
  • Applies as 1/8" wet coating, dries to 1/16"
  • Easy clean-up with water
  • Available in 5 gallon pails
  • Provides up to a 4-hour fire rating with tested and listed systems Low VOC
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3MTM Fire Barrier Mortar

    • Variable mix ratio permits self-leveling and no-sag application consistencies 
    • Re-enterable 
    • Bonds to itself – proven prior to and during fire testing
    • Pumpability allows for faster installation
    • Contains no asbestos 
    • Non-shrinking, non-load bearing formula
    • 44 lbs. bag (yields a minimum 2 ft. sq. of opening area at a 4" depth) 
    • Low VOC

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                  3MTM Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+

                  • No mixing or damming required
                  • Easy to install using common trade tools
                  • Easy to fasten, bolt punch or drill through and use self-tapping screws or anchor bolts
                  • Re-enterable
                  • Bottom-of-floor applications available
                  • Available in the following sizes: 16" X 28" (bulk and boxed), 36" X 24" (bulk and boxed), 36" X 36" (bulk and boxed), 36" X 41" (bulk and boxed) and 28" x 52" (bulk only)
                  • Provides up to a 4-hour fire rating
                  • Low VOC
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                  3MTM Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 15A 

                  • A proven alternative to 1- or 2-hour fire resistant rated shaft enclosures
                  • Zero clearance to combustibles along the surface
                  • High flexibility and strength for easy installation
                  • Foil encapsulated scrim
                  • Stitched for easier handling and no slumping
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